What is “Growing digital with Jules Terpak”?

The world continues to become further immersed in digital culture. It can be overwhelming for any age demographic, whether it be Gen Z passively using social media platforms or Gen X concerned about Big Tech entering healthcare. Even institutions are struggling to keep up with the effects.

This is where I explore and simplify digital culture, as it’s my main curiosity. But I’ll explore additional curiosities as well when I feel like it! “Growing digital with Jules Terpak” is much more of a statement than it is a title.

Is this exclusive content?

The vast majority of the content here will be text versions of my video content. This gives people the ability to consume my POV through whichever medium suits their liking.

Other content such as IG story archives, thoughts that were too long for Twitter but not built out enough for a video, and so on may also be shared. TBD.

What do paid subscriptions provide?

Monetarily supporting allows me to create more consistent and high-quality work on my video-based platforms. If you have the means to grant $5/month to uplift my journey, it means more than you know.

As a one-woman show — aka doing all the research, writing, recording, editing, and cross-platform management — these pursuits can be overwhelming, but rigorous and high-quality work is really important to me.

If you prefer to support on a one-off basis, you can do so via https://julesterpak.net

If you aren’t able to be a paid subscriber…

Sharing my work and continuing to follow along is still everything. Thank you so much.

About Jules Terpak

Find me everywhere.

Though, I do wanna clarify that if I absolutely have to label what I do, I would deem myself a Curator:

  • Selects and Presents Works: I showcase pieces of digital culture (viral videos, tweets, etc) that I deem worthy of being shared with a larger audience

  • Interprets and Contextualizes: In the way a traditional curator provides context for museum pieces, I explain the significance, meaning, and/or history behind digital phenomena

  • Preserves History: I try to consolidate, archive, and preserve important pieces of digital culture, ensuring they're both available and easily consumable for future generations

  • Engages with Networks: Given the interactive nature of media today, I actively foster discussions, and facilitate collaborations

  • Advises: Businesses, educators, and other institutions seek my expertise on digital culture trends, best practices, and/or historical context

Okay … I think that’s everything.

Talk soon 🫶

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Growing digital with Jules Terpak


Jules Terpak

Find me everywhere: https://beacons.ai/julesterpak